Charlie and Boo

Now I live in Bexleyheath with my partner Ben, baby Amelia-Rose and two cats Charlie and Boo. After losing Posie we knew we wanted to get another cat. We looked on the Cat’s Protection website in Lee and saw a black and white cat called Snowball on their website who looked a bit sorry for himself. So, Ben called up to make an appointment to go and see him. He then called me and said `Snowballl has a mate’! He had a been rescued from a house with another cat, a black cat called Blacky (very original). We went to see Snowball and it was so upsetting. He was about 8 years old at the time and was really grubby, would hiss at you if you went anywhere near him and cowered in the back of his cage. He had scars on his nose, a bent left ear and weeping left eye. He had been mistreated and his owner was leaving the property and going to leave the cats behind.

After we had seen him we discussed what we were going to do and came to the conclusion that we were going to take him, but realised that he may want to live under the bed, not want to come near us and basically want to keep himself to himself. We also knew that we could never take one without the other. So, one cat became two! We renamed ‘Snowball’ to Charlie and ‘Blacky’ to Boo. The day they came to live with us Charlie ran straight under the bed in the spare room as we expected. Boo had the loudest meow I’ve ever heard when he was being brought in, he was inquisitive but also ended up in the spare room on the bed. That night they were both getting used to their surroundings. Charlie ventured out and found the window to sit in. It was at about 11pm and we had gone to bed, Charlie came into the bedroom and jumped up on the bed and laid on Ben’s chest, he just wanted a cuddle! And I always like to think he was saying ‘thank you for bringing me home.’
The first week was like having a baby in the house. Charlie would howl for the lot of the night and roam around. But he soon settled down and from then on he has been a lovely cat. He’s not a lap cat but loves to cuddle up next to Ben on the bed, definitely a Daddy’s boy. He loves to lounge around the house sitting in all sorts of positions, very untidy! Boo likes to get himself into scrapes. He’s been rescued hanging from the wardrobe twice where he has misjudged the jump and I’ve also rescued him hanging from a door frame!

I wouldn’t say they are the closest cats in the world but they wouldn’t be without each other and we wouldn’t be without them.

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