My first rescue cat

I first adopted a rescue cat when I moved into my first flat in Maidstone. I’d lived there for a few years before I realised that I could have a cat in a flat because some cats don’t or can’t go outside. I found Posie at the RSPCA in Leybourne. She was ever so shy, but if you stayed a while she would come over to you and rub against you. She had no teeth apart from her front two and you couldn’t pick her up. She’d been there for a year already and being there was stressing her out and in turn making it even harder to rehome her, so I decided to take her.

She was a lovely cat. She loved to sit on my lap or curl up in her cat bed. When the radiator was on she would get as close as she could to it and stretch out when she got too hot. In the morning, she would jump on the bed and very politely tap you on the arm or face to let you know she was ready for breakfast! She didn’t like to go too far into the kitchen, she would just step onto her mat where her food was, as the tiles on the floor were too cold for her paws. I always describe her as a very polite and neat cat, as she would always sit up straight with her tail wrapped around and would never jump up on the kitchen cupboards or furniture, apart from the sofa.

The only thing was her toilet habits were……bad! She was very fussy on which cat litter she would use and which type of litter tray. More often than not she would miss the tray completely! She also took a liking to the hall carpet, which we eventually had to rip up and put down lino. Unfortunately we only had her for a year, she passed away unexpectedly.

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